Elizabeth Joy Frere

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About Elizabeth JOY Frere

I am a portraiture photographer - meaning my passion is capturing personalities in photos. 

Born in Perrysburg, Ohio I have spent the last 15 years in Columbus, Ohio.  The last 13 years have been spent inspiring high school students to cook, design clothes, and explore career ambitions - by teaching Family and Consumer Science Classes. I have taken the 2020-2021 school year off to be with my son who was born in August.  Being a stay at home mom has been the highlight of my life so far! 

​After picking up my first Nikon in 2015, my introverted

personality has exploded by capturing moments and

memories. In 2017, I upgraded my camera and

switched to Canon. Now my camera sit on my

kitchen counter to capture all the moments of my

little boy growing up! Check out


on instagram to see my growing family. 


Capturing youths extraordinary moments so families and loved ones remember the milestones of their childhood. 


Why am I unique? I create movement in the photos. Kids playing with trucks,

riding a tricycle, or taking a wheel barrow ride! For couples, it could be

holding hands and reminiscing about your first date - or the first time you

said "I Love You." 

Check out my greenhouse! I typically do mini photoshoots at The Little Green Farmhouse in Worthington in the spring and fall.  Let me know if you're interested as this location for your shoot!